Research & Development

Our Research and Development team builds our pipeline by exploring innovative solutions to challenging problems. Enzymes are powerful biological molecules that can achieve great therapeutic value. Our research aims to address unmet needs related to oxalate. Oxalate build-up can cause severe problems to your body’s normal function. Primary hyperoxaluria (PH) is a rare autosomal recessive disease that causes accumulation of oxalate in the body. There is currently no treatment for PH.

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How Does it Work

Captozyme's enzyme therapeutic contain oxalate-degrading enzymes that remove non-nutrient oxalate from the diet and body of patients in need. Recurrent stone formers can benefit from reducing systemic oxalate levels. Captozyme's enzyme therapeutics are able to actively degrade oxalate throughout the intestinal tract and thus use the complete extent of this vast organ for oxalate removal.


Pre-clinical results

Captozyme’s proprietary oxalate-degrading enzymes have been evaluated in hyperoxaluric male beagle dogs and preliminary data demonstrate a urinary reduction up to 40-50%. Six male beagle dogs were made hyperoxaluric through dietary oxalate. Unformulated enzymes were administrated by oral gavage following a meal. Oxalate reduction was monitored by urinary oxalate determination using standard procedures.