Process Technician

The Process Technician will support the manufacturing and process development activities, which includes; media and buffer preparation, setup of bioreactors, environmental sampling, data collection, and simple assaying. The Process Technician will demonstrate strong time management skills, a result oriented attitude, and good documentation skills.

Primary Responsibilities 
The Process Technician will perform work with minimal supervision after receiving proper training and instruction for the tasks assigned. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: buffer and media preparation, buffer and media sourcing and ordering, thorough, focused and systematic execution of fermentations and basic microbial and biochemical assays, equipment maintenance and calibration according to procedure or detailed instructions. The Process Technician will also actively participate in laboratory organization such as supply inventory, cleaning and sterilizing glassware and calibration of equipment etc. The Process Technician is responsible for thorough and accurate documentation in batch records and equipment logbooks. Some technical writing is anticipated in this position. The Process Technician will show an interest and an aptitude for internal methodologies and quality system procedure.

The requirements for being considered for the position are listed below; however, personal fit and character will be given particular consideration and weight.

  • Strong internal motivation and ability to take initiative in assigned tasks

  • Good interpersonal skills and positive attitude

  • Strong time management skills and systematic approach to tasks

  • Effective use of own and other’s time

  • Strong technical abilities and understanding for the importance of quality systems

  • Ability to follow instructions

  • Strong oral and written communication

  • Ability to perform tasks as assigned

  • Familiar with cleanroom operations

To apply for this position send your resume and letter to