In each person’s life, there’s a powerful moment when an interest becomes a passion.

Although years of experience in life science steered Qing-Shan Li and Aaron Cowley to start Captozyme, the journey to enzyme research and entrepreneurship began much earlier in their lives. For example, Aaron who started college with a desire to be a physical therapist, found his passion in scientific research during a class taught by a Ph.D. professor; Aaron was so inspired by his educator’s passion and enjoyment of the subject that he changed his path completely.

Both Helena and Qing-Shan never planned to be entrepreneurs, but the start-up setting transformed them.  The pivotal moment for Helena was when she realized that her efforts could result in large change; change to behaviors, change to strategies, and change to conventional thinking. “When you reach that point there is no turning back. Now you know you can make a big difference, and perseverance will see you through to the finish line.”  

Another decisive moment was at a medical conference following a keynote speech from a mother about pain of losing a child to a rare condition. This talk made the trio even more committed to the cause they then set out to work for.

The Captozyme team are pioneers -- they are bring life-changing products to market and are committed to leaving a legacy.

If individuals ask how, they’re likely looking for available answers. If they ask why, they’re willing to explore and challenge those answers.

Captozyme’s leaders have never stopped asking “why”. It’s because of this simple question the team has worked energetically to grow from a handful of people working in a biotech business incubator to a team of more than 20 talented individuals breaking down barriers in the realm of gut health. 

Captozyme’s growth, innovation and legacy is just beginning, and it all started with a moment.