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Our proprietary technologies are focused on Hyperoxaluria and the dietary reduction of oxalate. Based in Gainesville, Florida, we are dedicated to creating best-in-class enzymes and live biotherapeutics through innovative research, open-minded conviction and passionate diligence.

One of Captozyme’s oxalate-reducing technologies, Ox-1, launched to specialty retail as a dietary supplement product in 2018 through its subsidiary Entring, LLC.


Ox-1 (Oxalate Reducing Enzyme)

Ox-1 is a novel enzyme uniquely developed through years of scientific research with the help of National Institute of Health (NIH) funding. The product is first-to-market oxalate reducing enzyme to help people maintain their low-oxalate diet.

Captozyme has licensed the patent-pending technology for Ox-1 to a subsidiary, Entring, LLC, which distributes the product nationwide under a brand name. It is currently available online, in select retail stores across the United States and on Amazon.

How It works

The branded product contains an enzyme called oxalate decarboxylase. This enzyme splits oxalate into smaller compounds naturally present in your body. The reaction starts with the enzyme binding oxalate ultimately pulling it apart into smaller pieces resulting in reduced oxalate levels in foods and beverages.