Promotion of Ms. Meekah Chaderton and Mr. Jeff Heslep to Assistant Laboratory Manager

Captozyme is pleased to announce the promotion of Ms. Meekah Chaderton, BSc, to Assistant Laboratory Manager (Gainesville) and Mr. Jeff Heslep, BSc, to Assistant Laboratory Manager, (Alachua).

Following a summer internship, Ms. Chaderton joined Captozyme in August of 2014 as a Laboratory Technician. Meekah has continued to prove her value and dedication to the company since then and was most recently in the position of Research Assistant.  Ms. Chaderton will assist in managing the laboratories in Gainesville, FL.

Mr. Heslep started in the Service Laboratories at Captozyme in June of 2015.  In only a year's time, Jeff has demonstrated versatility with scientific procedures, research aptitude, and leadership skills, and he continuously ensures success in his projects.  Mr. Heslep will assist in managing the laboratories in Alachua, FL.