A New Step in Health

In our modern world, we are almost constantly bombarded with different ideas and discoveries in health products, and theories on how to become healthier. We are finally discovering the causes for many of our health problems that we have faced for years, which has required us to create products and solutions to overcome these problems and improve our lives. While we might have addressed plenty of health related issues, there are still so many we have yet to develop fully. So what is the next step? Captozyme believes that there is more we can do in products and procedures to help improve our health and therefore humankind, and is working to achieve exactly that. Captozyme is a researching company that focuses primarily on anti-nutrients such as oxalate, and developing enzyme products for people with hyperoxaluria and kidney stones.

Hyperoxaluria means that a person has increased urine oxalate, which can cause formation of calcium oxalate, the primary component of most kidney stones. These oxalates can be found in a variety of products that we commonly ingest on a daily basis, and therefore are often unknowingly dangerous to those with hyperoxaluria. At Captozyme we strive to develop ways to administer more of our enzymes in order to decrease the build-up of oxalate, and as a result, assist kidney stone formers in leading healthier lives.