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Captozyme is a vertically integrated healthcare company with proprietary technologies focused on hyperoxaluria.  Using sound scientific principles and expert knowledge, Captozyme is dedicated to advancing the standard of care. Whether creating our own pipeline of future products or working with partners to advance the discovery of new opportunities we are committed to making a difference.


Idiopathic and enteric hyperoxaluria:

There are two main types of Secondary Hyperoxaluria: idiopathic or mild hyperoxaluria (IH) and enteric hyperoxaluria (EH)1, 2, 3. IH is by far the most common variety of hyperoxaluria observed in individuals with calcium oxalate stones. Urinary oxalate excretion levels are typically 30-45 mg/g creatinine/day1, 4, 5. Recent studies suggest that IH may be associated to dietary intake6, 7, 8 and IH patients absorb more dietary oxalate than healthy individuals9, 10. EH, characterized as secreting urinary oxalate over 45 mg/g creatinine/day, is caused by a GI problem usually associated with malabsorption of oxalate or oxalate binders such as calcium, making more oxalate available for absorption2. GI problems include chronic diarrhea, fat malabsorption, steatorrhea, inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), pancreatic insufficiency, biliary cirrhosis, and short-bowel syndrome. Recent studies show that bariatric and jejunoileal bypass surgery patients may develop EH as well11, 12.

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