In each person’s life, there’s a powerful moment when an interest becomes a passion.

Although years of experience in biotechnology steered Aaron and Helena Cowley to Captozyme, the journey to enzyme research and entrepreneurship began much earlier in their lives. Aaron, who started college with a desire to be a physical therapist, found his passion in scientific research during a class taught by a Ph.D. professor; Aaron was so inspired by his educator’s passion and enjoyment of the subject that he changed his path completely.

Helena began her educational path with a major in microbiology, but after years of memorizing and regurgitating information, she felt a nudge to further explore the world and discover new answers to some of nature’s most baffling questions. Helena transitioned to bioengineering, and the process of planning projects, building systems, and discovering answers in hopes of making a difference in the world. 

Aaron and Helena worked in the enzyme research and development industry for a several years before experiencing another game-changing moment at a biotechnology conference. After hearing a keynote speaker share the pain of losing a child to primary hyperoxaluria, a rare condition in which patients develop a life-threatening buildup of oxalate, Helena recognized they had the ability to make a profound difference in the microbiome industry.

The Captozyme team could be pioneers; they could bring life-changing products to market more quickly; and they could leave a legacy.

If individuals ask how, they’re likely looking for available answers. If they ask why, they’re willing to explore and challenge those answers.

Captozyme’s leaders have never stopped asking “why”. That’s why the team has worked industriously to grow from a team of a few working at a biotech business incubator to a team of more than 20 talented individuals breaking down barriers in microbiome research at their innovative manufacturing facility. 

Captozyme’s growth, innovation and legacy is just beginning, and it all started with a moment.