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+ Overview

Our products remove oxalate from your diet and body by degrading it to safe by-products. Oxalate is the most common component of kidney stones. Thus, by removing oxalate from your diet and body, the risk of kidney stones can be reduced. Our products are highly efficient oxalate-degraders that can act throughout the gastro-intestinal tract, from the stomach to the large intestine.

+ Cz2294

This product removes oxalate from the diet whilst in the stomach. Cz2294 contain a highly acid-stable oxalate-degrading enzyme. By removing oxalate in the stomach less oxalate is absorbed by the body. Thus, dietary oxalate is reduced while maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. Oxalate is the most available in the stomach, making this location an optimal one for oxalate removal.

+ Cz1408

This product is stable and active in a broad pH range, which includes the pH of the small and large intestine. Cz1408 contains an oxalate-degrading enzyme to remove oxalate throughout the gastro-intestinal tract. Thus, all oxalate available in the gastro-intestinal tract is intercepted and removed. This oxalate can originate from the diet or from the body.

+ R&D

Our Research and Development build our pipeline by exploring innovative solutions to challenging problems. Enzymes are powerful biological molecules that can achieve great therapeutic value. Our research aims to address unmet needs related to oxalate. Oxalate build-up can cause severe problems to your body’s normal function. Primary hyperoxaluria (PH) is a rare autosomal recessive disease that causes accumulation of oxalate in the body. There is currently no treatment for PH.